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Nursicare is another great product by Ferris Mfg. Corp. founded in 1977 and dedicated to developing innovative products that help to heal wounds. PolyMem®, a multifunctional dressing used for a wide range of applications, is the flagship product of Ferris. 

Ferris developed Nursicare® therapeutic breast pads specifically for breastfeeding mothers. With the same basic formulation as PolyMem® dressings but optimized for wounds caused by breastfeeding, Nursicare pads cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds as they heal. Speeding up the recovery process simply and effectively, they are ideal for healing sore breasts, and enabling mothers to continue breastfeeding

How to use?


Before the first use of a new Nursicare pad, wipe the nipple and surrounding area with a cloth slightly wet with water– the moisture will help to activate the healing ingredients contained in the Nursicare pad. Do not dry the skin or nipple.


Remove the sterile pad from its packaging and place it inside your bra, with the printed label side facing outwards and the plain side touching your nipple. Center the pad over the nipple area.


When it’s time to nurse or pump, remove the pad and place it on a clean surface with the unlabeled side up.
Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, wipe the breast with a clean cloth or towelette moistened with water or mothers’ milk.


Nursicare disposable pads are designed to be used several times. When you’ve finished breastfeeding or pumping, simply replace the pad back inside your bra.


Over time, the pad absorbs fluid. When the pad becomes saturated, it’s time to throw it out. You’ll know when to reach for a new pad when the liquid held inside becomes visible through the labelled side, before the absorbed fluid reaches the edge of the pad. This usually takes a few days, but each mum is different, so do check every time you remove the pad for a feed or pump.
Note: Do not wash the pads as this removes the vital ingredients that make them effective.

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