The world of babywearing can be complex and daunting.  You know that you want to wear your baby yet you aren't sure which will be the best carrier.

The benefits of babywearing are endless and numerous, from supporting sleep (longer naps hooray) to reduced crying.   The problem is, that the options are also numerous.  Right now you may not even be sure on how many types of carriers there are out there.

Let alone which one is right for you.

What you need is help - and here at MAMIS we are ready to help.

The Ergonomic Carrier

At MAMIS we recommend that all babies are worn using an ergonomic carrier, there are various types of ergonomic carrier designs available depending on your needs and babies age.

Why babywear in an ergonomic carrier?

An ergonomic carrier has been found to better support the spine than other traditional, narrow based carriers. An ergonomic carrier supports your baby's spine by holding it in the natural rounded 'C' shape, that their spines need to be in whilst they grow.

Not only that, but the baby will then naturally form an 'M' shape.

Why an 'M' shape is important

At birth a baby's hip joints are not fully formed, therefore it is important that their legs are flexed whilst in a carrier.  By having their legs flexed their hip joint will sit securely in the socket and should reduce the risk of hip problems.

Ergonomic carriers and the 'M' shape are recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Which carrier is right for you?

A lot of this will depend on you and your baby.  How old they are and which kind of carry you will be most comfortable and confident with.

Bearing that in mind we've put together a chart explaining the types of carriers we stock, the ages they can be used and the types of carry they can perform.

The types of carry

Front carry

As simple as it sounds, you wear your baby, facing inwards, on your chest.

marsupi carrier

Marsupi carrier - close enough to kiss

Hip Carry

Carrying your baby on your hip, supported by the carrier. A safer alternative to giving your baby a view out to the world.

lennylamb, ringsling

Ring Sling in the hip carry position

Back Carry

Carrying your older child on your back in a piggy back formation.  This kind of carry often enables you to carry your children for much longer than you anticipated with a weight restriction of 20kg in most carriers this kind of carry can be comfortable to you both right up until they are headed to school.

woven wrap back carry

Woven wrap back carry

Our ergonomic carriers

Our range of ergonomic carriers are suitable from birth up until childhood.

For the younger baby it is recommended that they are carried in the front carry only, until they are able to fully support their head and neck.  After that point you are able to utilise the other carry positions.

At this point in your baby's development there also comes an understanding of the world, by holding your baby in a hip carry from a ring sling for example, they are able to view the world from the safety of their Mami.

Specialist Carriers

Sometimes you need something out of the ordinary.  Whilst most carriers and wraps can be adapted to suit you and your everyday needs there are occasions where you need something that little bit special.

Twin Carrier

Twins are a double blessing, and as they get bigger it is possible to wear them both using a variety of wrapping techniques.

However this often isn't possible until they have grown a little bit and gained better head control.

Weego TWIN carrier solves this problem, suitable to use from when your twins reach a weight of 1.8kg each until they reach a combined weight of 15kg (around 5-6 months old)

Preemie Carriers

Numerous studies have revealed the value of physical contact particularly for premature babies. All over the world, Preemies are now placed on their parents´ chests ("kangarooing") as an alternative to incubators.

The Weego PREEMIE takes this to the next level, in consultation with your child's doctor, you can use this with babies as small as 1.8kg.

Aqua Carriers

Living out in the desert of the UAE means that time is often spent on the beach or in the swimming pool.  Taking your little one into the water you might long for the added security of having your hands free whilst knowing they are safe.

The ByKay aqua carrier offers just that, perfect to take the smallest member of your family swimming whilst leaving your hands free for everyone else.

But which carrier is best for you?

All carriers have their positive and negatives, depending on what you are looking for in a carrier.

Some prefer the orderly buckles of a soft structured carrier such as the manduca.

Others may prefer the flexibility that a woven wrap allows.

And others may see the move into a woven wrap the natural progression from a newborn stretchy wrap they have gotten comfortable with.

You may enjoy the flexibility of the ring sling, allowing for easy and discrete breastfeeding on the go using the spare material as an impromptu cover.

Whatever your needs, whatever your baby desires, here at MAMIS we have the perfect carrier for you.

Please drop in to try out the different styles, where our fully trained and friendly staff will be able to assist you in working out what's right for you.

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