When you first have a baby it can be a lonely time.  An endless round of eating, sleeping, pooping on repeat.  And sometimes not even sleeping.  Occasional coffee dates where everyone else seems to have a baby fast asleep in the pram while they talk and enjoy hot coffee as you frantically rock your baby to sleep.  It can be even more lonely if you're an expat far from home with no one to turn to.  Then it all changes and all of a sudden the baby does more than eat, sleep and poop.  All of a sudden the baby can move, they can interact.  HELP the baby needs entertaining!! That is why here at MAMIS we've put together a list of 4 fantastic baby classes in Abu Dhabi that you can take your baby too.

The Best Baby Classes in Abu Dhabi

Baby Yoga

A class for mummies as much as babies, the mummy and baby yoga class is designed for babies that aren't yet walking from newborn to crawling.  Featuring specially adapted, interactive, slow-moving postures this class focuses on strengthening the emotional, spiritual and physical bond between mummy and baby.

Baby Yoga

And don't worry if your baby is already on the move, because Body Tree Studio have thought of everything and when that happens you can graduate to the Mummy and Toddler Yoga class.

Location - Body Tree Studio and Sadiyaat Beach Club
When -Tuesdays 10:45-1145 and Thursdays, 11:45-12:45 (location dependent)
Price - from 75AED per class
Phone -024434448
Email -info@bodytreestudio.com
Website -Mummy and Baby Yoga at Body Tree Studios, Abu Dhabi

Music Monkeys

Music Monkeys

Catering for children from 3 months all the way through to 4 years old, in age-specific groups, Music Monkeys aims to introduce music to all children. However, it's more than just singing along to nursery rhymes, Music Monkeys is an interactive and sensory rich class encouraging teachers, parents, grandparents and nannies to engage with their child and really sing and dance along. This ensures that your monkeys really are getting the most from the class.

Locations - The Dome @ Rawdhat, HappyNest Playhouse, Mosaic Nursery (Reem Island), Caboodle (Galleria, Marayah Island), Juli Music Institute, Al Bandar, Orange Wheels, Al Wahda Mall
When -Daily, at various times - Music Monkeys Abu Dhabi Class Schedule
Price -from 450AED for a 10 week term
Phone -056 8383427
Email -contact@musicmonkeys.ae
Website -Music Monkeys, Abu Dhabi

Babywearing Dance Class

My First Gym have developed the Momercise program. This program has been designed around your baby’s new visual, audible and spatial needs.  During classes both you and your baby are introduced to music and movement with the added benefit of the ability for Mommy exercise along with baby.

This truly is a class that meets both baby and parent needs.

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to 6 months all you need is your baby carrier and a towel, oh and some water because it is an exercise class for Mommy after all!

Location - My First Gym, Downtown Abu Dhabi.
When -Mondays and Tuesdays at 11am, Wednesdays at 6pm
Price -80AED per class or 5 for 350AED
Phone -02 444 35 60
Email -contact@myfirstgymuae.com
Website -www.myfirstgym.com

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a longstanding parenting tradition which helps you to soothe and bond with your baby long before they can speak.

Babies are adept at communicating with the world around them with touch, and likewise, the power of touch to help soothe an upset baby is instinctive.  Baby massage takes is simply an extension of this natural impulse allowing you to bond in the most calming of ways.

A 5 week baby massage course course ran by Sarah Smith is available in Body Tree Studios.  Sarah, from the UK, has been working with babies over the last 15 years, 6 in Abu Dhabi.  As a NICU nurse, Midwife, antenatal supporter, breastfeeding peer and baby massage supporter.

Location - Body Tree Studio.
When -Tuesdays 10:00-11:30
Price -595AED for a 5 week course, course start dates vary
Phone -024434448
Email -info@bodytreestudio.com
Website -Mummy and Baby Yoga at Body Tree Studios, Abu Dhabi

Have you tried any of these baby classes in Abu Dhabi yet?  Do you have any other baby classes in Abu Dhabi that you would recommend?