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About Us

Your Mamis experience

MAMIS is run by mothers for mothers.  All of our products are carefully selected to help you along your journey into motherhood, from maternity to nursing, to baby clothes and baby wearing.

Our vast array of products, including those items that are exclusive to MAMIS, means that there is something for every Mami out there, in store and online.


We know that it is important for you to be able to style your expanding bump, whilst keeping cool in the heat.

Whether you’re looking for working wear or lounge wear, active wear or something for a special occasion we are confident that MAMIS will have something that you love.


We understand how important breastfeeding is for your child's wellbeing & development.

We are proud to offer you fashionable and comfortable clothes specifically designed for nursing mothers.

Our high end products for nursing include underwear, nightwear and day-to-day wear. Make breastfeeding in public a comfortable experience wearing our modern designed tops, dresses and breastfeeding accessories.

Ergonomic Carriers

Babies are designed to be carried and close to you.

It is important to ensure they are carried in a safe and comfortable way so you can continue with your washing, cooking, playing with your older child, visiting the shops, strolling around the park, visiting the beach or going into the pool or shower.

Your baby's legs should always be in the recommended "M" shape to protect her hips and the best way to do this is to you an ergonomic carrier, here at MAMIS we stock an extensive range of ergonomic baby carriers, some of which are exclusive to MAMIS in the UAE.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Benefits

At MAMIS, we believe that there are many advantages of using an ergonomic baby carrier:

Skin Contact which helps to create bonding between you and your newborn

Security, she always feels cared for and loved between your arms

Practicality, your hands are completely free while you keep your child close and even nurse her

Furthermore, we are committed to only selling those brands and designs that we are confident are the best for you and your baby's health.

We look forward to be part of your special journey to Motherhood